Penalties for Not Having Auto Insurance in Jacksonville

Penalties for Not Having Auto Insurance in Jacksonville

Auto insurance in Jacksonville is something that you need to have. If you are found without auto insurance when you're on the road, it can lead to a number of penalties. Knowing about these penalties will make it easier for you to see why having a policy is of the utmost importance.

If you are full over for speeding or any other traffic citation, a police officer is going to ask you for your insurance card. If you are involved in an accident, you will also need to provide your insurance card. Failure to do so could result in one or more of the following penalties.


If you are unable to show proof of insurance, you could be given a fine. Many law-enforcement officers will issue you a citation on the spot for not being able to provide insurance. If you have insurance, you would need to go down to the courthouse or the DMV in order to prove it. The fine may go away or you may still have to pay it simply because you are unable to show it at the time it was being requested.

The amount of the fine will vary based upon what happened and whether this is your first offense or not.

License Suspension

Not having auto insurance in Jacksonville is severe enough that you could have your license suspended. If such a thing happens, you would not be able to drive anywhere until your license is reinstated.

Often, this penalty is used if you have gone without proof of insurance on more than one occasion. Law enforcement officers can see how often you have been unable to provide proof of insurance – and they will take the necessary actions.


You might also be subject to imprisonment if you don’t have auto insurance. There have been multiple instances where you were unable to provide proof of insurance, you will be sentenced to several months or even years in prison. Additionally, if you commit any kind of insurance fraud where you use someone else’s insurance for you make a fake card, you could find yourself in prison for longer than you would care to be.

The easiest solution is to not deal with the penalties. This means having auto insurance in Jacksonville at all times. You need to have at least the state minimums. Additionally, you need to adhere to any lien holder requirements. If you have a loan or lease, you need to check with the person who holds the title to see if they require you to have any additional coverage on a policy as well.

Talk to an insurance agent to get the help with obtaining auto insurance. They can help you to be compliant with all Florida insurance laws.